September 13, 2010 board minutes

The Waverly/South Shore School Board met in regular session on September 13, 2010 at 8:20 p.m. in the gym of the South Shore school with the following members present: D. Strang, M Fischer, A. Heuer, J. Buchholz, and D. Thyen.  Guests and others present: D. Jones, K. Bauer, B. Guthmiller, D. Swenson, other interested parties, and M. Hemmingson-Business Manager. 


Motion by Fischer, second by Thyen to approve agenda with the following additions: Action Items: F. Surplus item.  Motion carried. 


Motion by Heuer, second by Buchholz to approve the minutes of the August meeting.  Motion carried.


Motion by Thyen, second by Heuer to approve the financial report.  Motion carried. 


Motion by Fischer, second by Thyen to approve the August bills and payroll.  Motion carried.


                                  General Fund      Capital Outlay     Special Ed.            Pension                  Food Service         Tr & Agency

Aug 1, 2010

Beginning Balance  $994,183.35   $389,466.74           $74,013.04           $57,407.61           $9,126.50              $20,257.42


Receipts:  Local       $22,760.96        $1,258.71             $1,112.85              $106.82                $6,872.30               $1,022.80

                  County                   $2,172.91          $0.00                                                                                                                     

                  State         $75,793.00        $0.00                     $3,576.00                                              $0.00                                       

                  Federal     $0.00                   $0.00                     $0.00                                                      $0.00

Expenditures            $97,982.19       $117,368.15        $13,838.93                $0.00                $467.73                  $554.12

Audit Adjustments                                                                                                                                                                            

Ending Balance       $996,928.03     $273,357.30        $64,862.96           $57,514.43           $15,531.07           $20,726.10

Aug 31, 2010


General Fund:  A&B Business-copier maint/468.59,,  Alltel, cell/185.21, Best Business-copier maint/155.00, S. Buchholz-mileage/8.88, Classroom Connections-supplies/36.80, Codington Clark Electric-electricity/922.55, Coteau Shopper-advertising/275.00, M. David-reimb for class/50.00, Dependable Sanitation-garbage/238.45, ELABO-dues/45.00, Engelstad Electric-service/249.31, ESA 1-workshop/750.00, Estelline School-VB tourney fee/75.00, Fischer Rounds-insurance/71.00, Follett-supplies/629.41, G&N LLC-bus driver training/325.00, General Tech Distr-supplies/714.99, R. Gross-reimb for supplies/132.00, Hauff Mid-America sports-supplies/1223.31, M Hemmingson-mileage & reimb/153.41, R. Heyduk-use of tractor/30.00, Hillyard-supplies/978.71, Houghton Miflin-supplies/192.50, Hy-Vee-supplies/78.68, Interstate Battery-batteries/33.60, ITC-phones/286.09, D. Jones-mileage/80.39, Jostens-yearbook/1647.73, JW Pepper-supplies/55.99, S. Luken-mileage/74.00, Mahowalds-supplies/14.44, Mcgrawhill-supplies/269.23, Menards-supplies/1182.74, Music Street-repairs/191.05, NCS Pearson-training/3500.00, NESC-assess/43.30-Apex license/388.47-purchasing fee/50.00, Otter Tail Power-electricity/362.19, Pearson-supplies/217.21, D. Pederson-reimb for supplies/23.29, Petty Cash-reimb/55.42, Popplers Music-supplies/327.24, Portaphone-football supplies/933.00, Quill-supplies/1876.76, Really Good Stuff-supplies/173.06, Redlinger Bros-service/1691.99, J. Robbins-mileage & reimb/76.42, Roys Sports-supplies/1953.40, Sanford-bus physicals/158.00, Scholastic Magazines-supplies/43.89, School Specialty-supplies/163.06, SDHSAA-ins & dues/495.31, Sioux Rural Water-water/156.30, Sioux Valley Coop-fuel/3369.82, A. Soderlund-labor/537.50, South Shore Gazette-publishing/1017.53, SportsDecals-football supplies/213.53, Star Laundry-laundry/107.03, Success by Design-supplies/515.97, Tool Time-rental/79.50, Town of South Shore-water/36.00, TP Services-gym floors/900.00, Training room-supplies/59.08, USPS-stamps/132.00, Visa-supplies/723.19, J. Volkemant-reimb for supplies/5.25, Watertown Public Opinion-advertising/960.00, Watertown School Dist-fingerprinting/129.75, Waverly Student Council-bank fees/30.00, Waverly Trust & Agency-reimb/3635.30, Weekly Reader-supplies/415.26, Xerox-copier maint/20.22, and Zaner Bloser-supplies/47.92.  Payroll: Elementary $35,633.92, Secondary $26,279.10, Driver’s Ed $0.00, Reap $2923.80, Title I $3106.48, Title I ARRA $0.00, Guidance $2,695.83, Improvement of Instruction $2100.00, Board of Education $0.00, Superintendent $2933.33, Principal $2933.34, Title I Administration $0.00, Fiscal $6688.53, Operations & Maintenance $8024.39, Pupil Transportation $5347.80, Title I Private $214.17, Male Activities $133.33, Female Activities $133.34, and Co-curricular $2243.91.  Total-$140,086.15.


Capital Outlay:   Connecting Point-back up server/754.00-switches/848.00-networking/1198.75, Dacotah Bank-lease/52.68, Duane’s Floor Covering-science room/3996.20-Main hall & ramp/2520.68, Flemming electric-freezer electricity/1044.65, Houghton Mifflin-textbooks/3740.26, Pearson-English series/4405.03-Math series/12,603.73, School specialty-marker boards/1717.37, Variety Foods-dishwasher lease/65.00, and Waverly T&A-reimb/195.00. Total-$53,022.00.


Special Education: Abbot House-services/2344.36, Carson-Delosa-supplies/33.98, Children’s Care Hospital-services/5716.50, Human Services Agency-services/2604.00, W. Kruger-mileage/626.04, NESC-assess/1623.05, and Quill-supplies/8.99.  Payroll/$7766.48.  Total-$20,723.40.


Food Service: Avera-purchasing contract/360.00, CWD-food/1993.07, Earthgrains-food/161.76, Quill-supplies/13.98, South Shore mercantile-food/57.69, Star Laundry-laundry/39.98, Variety Foods-food/1531.45, Visa-supplies/75.94, and Waverly T&A-refund lunch balances/187.90.  Payroll/$4086.39.  Total-$8508.16.


Trust & Agency:  B. Guthmiller-reimb for supplies/403.50, S. Luken-reimb for supplies/102.70, Pepsi-concession & juice machine/1498.56, Region-st council workshop/24.00, SDSCA-st council dues/50.00, Waverly Gen Fund-Class of 2010 funds/4136.74, R. Aaker-FB official/75.00, C. Jones-FB ref/75.00, C. Matour-FB ref/75.00, J. Olson-FB ref/75.00, K. Olson-FB ref/163.80, ASCD-membership dues/89.00, D. Beste-VB ref/121.25, J. Bjerke-VB ref/75.00, Dagwoods-supplies/54.99, Dakota ACAC-dues/70.00, Estelline School-VB tourney/125.00, J. Giovannettone-VB ref/93.50, S. Kobat-refund lunch balance/10.80, S. Kuehl-VB ref/75.00, Milbank M Club-cross country/30.00, NESA-supt dues/63.00, R & A Zaug-refund lunch balance/145.15, D. Rowland-CPR training/1150.00, SASD-supt dues/485.00, SDASBO-conf fee/50.00, SDSCA-counselor workshop/50.00, T & T Kaasa-refund lunch balance/31.95, UPS-postage/5.28, Variety foods-dishwasher lease/65.00, Waverly Gen Fund-cash for admissions boxes/400.00, Waverly Jr. Class-cash for concessions box/200.00.  Total $10,199.22.


Student council president gave overview of happenings and asked board to go back to only one parade for homecoming.  Consensus was that would be okay.


K. Bauer, D. Swenson, and B. Guthmiller gave class presentations.


Buildings and Grounds report:  Waverly:  freezer, dishwasher, windows, roof on house and gym lights were discussed.  South Shore: roof on school, weather stripping around doors, and lights in gym were discussed.


M. Fischer gave LAMD report.


D. Thyen gave NESC report.


D. Jones gave the transportation report.  New bus still has not arrived.


D. Jones and J. Meyer gave administrative reports: D. Jones: student enrollment, preschool screening will be Oct 15th in the fall and will NOT be in the spring, Dakota step results will be mailed home, may need someone there for the JH games, exit interviews with students who are leaving, JV football game where the JH would have to play and parents wouldn’t allow so we didn’t have the numbers to attend.  J. Meyer:  Kids have been good and low discipline problems, student council is off to a great start, and great sportsmanship and attitudes are being displayed.     


Action Items:


  1.  Review kitchen window bid from Soderlund. Tabled until October for more bids to be obtained.

  2. Motion by Fischer, second by Heuer to approve Schoenfish & company to do the 2009-2010 audit for $6900.00.  Motion carried.

  3. Motion by Buchholz, second by Thyen to approve the contract with Atyeo-Gortmaker for E-rate for 2010-2011 school year.  Motion carried.

  4. Motion by Fischer, second by Heuer to approve one open enrollment application.  Motion carried.

  5. Motion by Thyen, second by Buchholz to approve the one bid for the destroyed bus from Mike Lee for $250.00.  Motion carried.

  6. Motion by Heuer, second by Fischer to approve surplus items.  32 old student desks, 1 bent flag pole, 3 pallets the freezer came on, and 1 old not working dishwasher. Motion carried.


No executive session was needed.


Motion by Heuer, second by Buchholz to adjourn the meeting.  Motion carried.  Next regular board meeting to be held on Monday October 11th, 2010 at 7:00 P.M. in Waverly. 




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