January 2011 Board Minutes

The Waverly/South Shore School Board met in regular session on January 12, 2011 at 1:00 p.m. in the preschool room of the Waverly school with the following members present: D. Strang, M Fischer, A. Heuer, J. Buchholz, and D. Thyen.  Guests and others present: D. Jones, J. Meyer, B. Comes, and M. Hemmingson-Business Manager. 


Motion by Fischer, second by Heuer to approve agenda.  Motion carried. 


Motion by Heuer, second by Thyen to approve the minutes of the December meeting.  Motion carried.


Motion by Fischer, second by Buchholz to approve the financial report.  Motion carried.    


Motion by Buchholz, second by Heuer to approve the December bills and payroll.  Motion carried.


                                  General Fund      Capital Outlay     Special Ed.            Pension                  Food Service         Tr & Agency

Dec 1, 2010

Beginning Balance  $1,075,379.25   $324,472.41        $74,007.74           $63,904.77           $10,559.05           $17,097.50


Receipts:  Local       $86,313.91     $33,232.53              $24,829.45           $2,467.73              $3,438.45             $2,175.84

                  County                   $1,551.77          $0.00                                                                                                                     

                  State         $75,793.00       $0.00                   $3,575.00                                                $0.00                                       

                  Federal     $0.00                   $0.00                     $0.00                                                      $3,970.38

Expenditures            $143,753.81     $3,289.75             $20,193.86               $0.00                 $9,213.05               $688.76

Audit Adjustments                                                                                                                                                                            

Ending Balance       $1,095,284.12  $354,415.19        $82,218.33           $66,372.50           $8,754.83              $18,584.58

Dec 31, 2010


General Fund:  A&B Business-copier maint/720.18, Alltel, cell/61.17, K. Atyeo-Gortmaker-E-rate services/88.42, Best Business-copier maint/155.00, J. Buchholz-mileage/17.02, Codington Clark Electric-electricity/2,353.12, Creative Rewards-awards/178.00, Dependable Sanitation-garbage/220.45, Estelline School-BB fees/100.00, B. Guthmiller-reimb for sup/21.60, Harlow’s-bus sup/151.52,  M Hemmingson-mileage/16.65, Huffman Construction-snow removal/862.50, Hy-Vee-supp/347.85, Jeff’s Vacuum-supp/17.99,  JW Pepper-supp/403.09, K&M Service-bus service/1708.76, Kleritec-supp/202.99, Mahowald-supplies/30.85, Menards-supplies/202.74, NESC-assess/43.30-bus driver testing/495.33, Otter Tail Power-electricity/669.91, Popp Binding-supp/242.46, Quia Corp-subscription/199.00, Quill-supplies/134.26, Qwest-phones/373.08, Redlinger Bros-boiler repairs/147.00, Roy’s Sports-supp/35.97, School Specialty-supp/23.92, Sioux Rural Water-water/146.25, Sioux Valley Coop-fuel/10,632.75,Smarterville Educational-supp/809.90,  South Shore Gazette-publishing/218.14, D. Southwick-reimb for sup/3.98, Star Laundry-laundry/235.18, D. Thyen-mileage/23.68, Town of South shore-water/36.00, Visa-supp/222.57, J. Volkenant-reimb for supp/42.55, Waverly Trust & Agency-reimb/1300.22, Creative Rewards-trophy engraving/12.50, R. Heyduk-snow removal/1642.50, D. Jones-mileage/22.20, Kneeland Construction-repairs/1545.30, S. Luken-reimb for supp/50.82, Quill-supp/148.29, Redlinger Bros-Wav Boiler & water heater/1629.87, Schoenfish & Co-2009-2010 audit/6900.00, Sioux Valley coop-Ss fuel/670.80, Town of South Shore-water/36.00, T’s Expressions-reimb for supp/120.00, Xerox Capital Services-copier maint/94.20 and Great Western Bank-fees/93.64 .  Total $36,861.47.


Capital Outlay:   Dacotah Bank-lease/52.68 and Variety Foods-dishwasher lease/65.00.  Total-$117.68.


Special Education: Abbott House-services/1090.40, Human Services Agency-services/1413.60, NESC-assess/1623.05-center base/7092.62, Abbott House-services/1199.44, and S. Mulholland-mileage/148.00 .  Total-$12,567.11.


Food Service: CANS-food/361.52, CWD-food/1566.09, Earthgrains-food/239.57, Hy-Vee-food/167.29, M. Martinell-reimb overpmt/1.55, D. Pederson-reimb for food/15.26, D. Southwick-reimb for food/38.29, Star Laundry-laundry/75.75, and Variety Foods-food/724.65.   Total-$3,189.97.


Trust & Agency:  Hy-Vee-supp/39.99, Pepsi-juice/157.56, Visa-supp/57.05, Pepsi-pop/493.46, Quill-supp/129.54, B. Lustfield-BBB ref/75.00, T. Page-BBB ref/126.80, Great Western Bank-fees/30.00, J. Deutsch-GBB ref/102.20, S. Deutsch-GBB ref/102.20, S. Deutsch-BBB ref/129.40, B. Gaikowksi-GBB ref/75.00, J. Giovannettone-GBB ref/75.00, D. Krause-GBB ref/126.80, L. Pearson-BBB ref/85.00, Pizza Ranch-PE supp/71.92, D. ruesink-GBB ref/100.90, R. Stricherz-santa/100.00, Top Hat Lanes-PE bowling/200.00, and Watertown School Dist-bus license test/80.00.  Total $2,357.82.


Payroll: General: Elementary $34,376.70, Middle School $7,741.47, Secondary $19,843.22, Driver’s Ed $0.00, Reap $1,816.80, Title I $4,145.04, Title I ARRA $0.00, Guidance $2,645.83, Improvement of Instruction $0.00, Board of Education $760.00, Superintendent $2933.33, Principal $2933.34, Title I Administration $0.00, Fiscal $5,544.04, Operations & Maintenance $3,942.30, Pupil Transportation $5,582.80, Title I Private $214.17,  Early Retirement $0.00, Male Activities $133.33, Female Activities $133.34, and Co-curricular $1,428.41. General Fund Total $94,174.12.  Sped: $7,790.39.  Food Service: $4,120.46.


Buildings and Grounds report:  Waverly kitchen window installed, SS boiler is still having issues-D. Strang calling around to see about rebuilding, all old computers will be hauled away this spring, discussed with B. Comes about the little league group redoing the concession stand and the school kicking in to rebuild, considering bringing in porta potties for football season, and pipes in the weight room were frozen. 


M. Fischer gave LAMD report.


D. Thyen gave NESC report.


D. Jones gave the transportation report.  Winter front put on new bus and no side defrosters-will be checking into.


D. Jones, J. Meyer, and M. Hemmingson gave administrative reports: Meyer: students are doing good, WSS is being commended for doing a great job, sending a student to HOBY, hosted ECC conference tournament, Aberdeen group interested in leasing football field for the summer, Town of SS discussing future of building, banners for gym, and ECC accepted Clark/Willow Lake in conference and Tiospa Zina was denied entrance into the other conference.  Jones:  Disaster preparation meeting wants help, sheriff’s office will use the school for SWAT training, school board recognition week, honor roll will be published, looked at moving bandwith from SS to here but would cost $300,000.00 so we are looking at alternatives, PTO meeting on Monday-discussed with them about help purchasing more smart boards, more project based training for teachers in on the way, kids are looking at registration & next year’s schedule and making sure everyone is on track to graduate.  Hemmingson:  Audit reports were handed out and one is on file in the business office and petition can be taken out by board members to get on the board of trustees for South Dakota Retirement System. 


Business Items:


  1.  Motion by Heuer, second by Buchholz to set the school board election date for June 21, 2011 with one polling place at the Waverly School.  Motion carried unanimously. D. Strang 3-year position is up this year. 


  1.  Discussion of legislative issues:  handed out information from ASBSD and discussed lawsuit from districts against the state.


Motion by Heuer, second by Fischer to enter into executive session for personnel, legal issues, and student issues at2:35 PM. 

Declared out by board chairman at 3:20 PM.


  1.  Motion by Thyen, second by Buchholz to write off $491.95 of past due lunch bills.  Motion carried. 

  2. Discussion on elementary transition and staffing for 2011-2012:  Looking at middle school concept for grades 6, 7, and 8, finish up staffing for non-renewal of staff , looking at schedules and final decisions will be made within a month. 


Motion by Heuer, second by Buchholz to adjourn the meeting at3:40 PM.  Motion carried.  Next regular board meeting to be held on Monday February 14th, 2011 at 3:00 P.M. in South Shore. 


_David Strang_____                                         Misty Hemmingson_____

BOARD CHAIRPERSON                                              BUSINESS MANAGER


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