June 13, 2011 Board Meeting Minutes

The Waverly/South Shore School Board met in regular session on June 13, 2011 at 7:08 p.m. in the science room of the Waverly school with the following members present: D. Strang, M Fischer, A. Heuer, J. Buchholz, and D. Thyen.  Guests and others present: D. Jones, B. Comes, South Shore Development Corp members, and M. Hemmingson-Business Manager. 


Motion by Heuer, second by Fischer to approve agenda with the following change: Add discussion item 2. Open house bids, and Action item R. Resolution of the transfer of property to Town of SS.  Motion carried. 


Motion by Thyen, second by Buchholz to approve the minutes of the May meetings.  Motion carried.


Motion by Buchholz, second by Heuer to approve the financial report.  Motion carried.    


Motion by Fischer, second by Thyen to approve the May bills and payroll.  Motion carried.


                                  General Fund      Capital Outlay     Special Ed.            Pension                  Food Service         Tr & Agency

May 1, 2011

Beginning Balance  $959,074.59        $380,789.63           $32,096.07           $67,847.48                   $11,718.14           $21,879.52


Receipts:  Local       $175,713.12        $82,004.71               $52,861.55           $5,188.04                     $8,582.55              $1,855.15

                  County        $1,551.83               $0.00                                                                                                                    

                  State         $76,816.00                $0.00                     $3,518.00                                              $0.00                                       

                  Federal     $4,511.00                  $0.00                     $0.00                                                      $4,106.46

Expenditures            $140,169.44       $33,424.61                 $19,590.81              $0.00                      $9,535.24               $5,144.89

Audit Adjustments                                                                                                                                                                            

Ending Balance       $1,077,497.10  $429,369.73             $68,884.81           $73,035.52                  $14,871.91           $18,589.78

May 30, 2011


General Fund:  A&B Business-copier maint/748.11, Alltel, cell/80.02, Best Business-copier maint/155.00-move copy machine/90.00, S. Buchholz-mileage/22.57, Codington Clark Electric-electricity/1,722.73, Comfort Inn-hotel rooms for OI/194.97, Coteau Shopper-adv/66.98, County Fair Foods-supp/16.72-honors banquet/1762.49, Creative Rewards-awards/1341.37, Dakota Data Shred-shredding/45.00, Dependable Sanitation-garbage/220.45, Diamond Vogel-paint/539.62, B. Guthmiller-reimb for supp/19.50, Hal Leonard-supp/175.00, Harlow Bus Sales-207.43, Harry’s Septic-pumped septic/375.00, Hillyard-supp/1,114.23, Hy-Vee-supp/126.11, ITC-phones/292.79, JW Pepper-supp/86.99, K & M Service-bus oil change/236.72, S. Luken-mileage/7.40-reimb supp/1.46, Mahowald-supp/120.85, Menards-supp/154.48, J. Meyer-reimb supp/6.36, NESC-assess/43.30, Otter Tail Power-electricity/552.39, Power Systems-supp/189.97, Qwest-phones/385.98, Resources for Educators-Title supp/975.00, S. Rost-CPR training/100.00, Sioux Rural Water-water/92.65, Sioux Valley Coop-fuel/2,794.63, South Shore Gazette-publishing/259.76, Star Laundry-laundry/168.22, S. Strang-reimb supp/32.93-reimb Praxis tests/230.00, A. Taecker-supp/46.65, Titan Machinery-bus repairs/570.84, Town of South Shore-water/72.00, Visa-supp/1374.92, J. Volkenant-mileage/57.35, Watertown Public Opinion-adv/251.33, Waverly Track-state per diem/210.00, Waverly Trust & Agency-reimb/964.97, Xerox Capital Services-copier maint/20.22, and Great Western Bank-fees/55.00.  Total $19,678.46.


Capital Outlay:   Gopher-supp/1018.48, Taylor Music-instruments/1949.00, and Variety Foods-dishwasher lease/65.00.  Total-$3,032.48.


Special Education: Abbott House-services/2180.80, Human Services Agency-services/1413.60, S. Luken-reimb supp/8.40, and NESC-assess/1623.05-center base/6097.87 .  Total-$11,323.72.


Food Service: CWD-food/1156.93, Earthgrains-food/201.92, C. Folk-reimb for overpayment/8.60, Hy-Vee-food/199.54, SNASD-conf/85.00, Star Laundry-laundry/47.82, J. Strong-reimb food/32.04, and Visa-food/70.00.  Total-$1,801.85.


Trust & Agency:  Jurgens Printing-grad programs/89.00, Visa-st council supp/29.81, BAC Recycling-computer monitors/736.00, Tom Billeter BB Camp-augie BB camp/540.00, Laura Ingals Homestead-field trip/55.00, Pizza Ranch-AR lunch/88.97, J. Solum-scholarship money/300.00, Children’s Museum-field trips/270.00, Hy-Vee-supp/62.35, S. Mack-soc committee supp/175.00, S Nunes-BB training camp/500.00, Youngs-shirts for BB camp/169.07, Balloons & banners-banners for grad/63.60, Hy-Vee-flowers for grad/229.92, S. Luken-soc comm supp/22.07, Oriental Trading-supp/53.88, D. Thyen-memory quilts/139.77, and  J. Volkenant-grad speaker/75.00.  Total $3599.44.


Payroll: General: Elementary $39,432.85, Middle School $7,547.67, Secondary $23,161.88, Driver’s Ed $3720.00, Reap $3,366.20, Title I $5088.97, Title I ARRA $0.00, Guidance $2,645.83, Improvement of Instruction $0.00, Board of Education $0.00, Superintendent $2933.31, Principal $2933.32, Title I Administration $698.82, Fiscal $7,590.25, Operations & Maintenance $5664.85, Pupil Transportation $5,444.08, Title I Private $214.17, Early Retirement $0.00, Male Activities $2,561.21, Female Activities $2561.22, and Co-curricular $1428.41. General Fund Total $116,993.04.  Sped: $8,676.11.  Food Service: $4,403.60.


Buildings and Grounds report: Nothing dicussed.


M. Fischer gave LAMD report.


D. Thyen gave NESC report.


D. Jones gave the transportation report.  June 21st is the date for the annual bus inspection.  Bus repairs are being done to get them ready for inspection and the suburban’s windshield will be replaced.    


D. Jones and M. Hemmingson gave administrative reports: Jones discussed:  moving items from South Shore, consolidated application almost done, schedules completed, premethean boards will be coming-all elem wing and 2 on the second floor, 4 foreign exchange students for the next year, transcripts ready to be mailed out, and the new Superintendent, John Bjorkman, will be coming to smooth over the transition.  M. Hemmingson discussed:  budget-has to be published before July 15th, and LAMD request for bids on accounting services. 


Discussion Items:

  1.  South Shore Development Corp came to discuss a proposal for leasing the gym.  They are asking $16,000.00 for the year with school having first priority of the gym and 2 stalls in bus garage plus school to do snow removal for games, clean gym after games, and pay the electrical for the bus garage if buses are plugged in.  The school board discussed and counteroffered with $12,000 for the year with first priority of gym and 2 stalls in bus garage plus school will pay for the once yearly floor maintenance and pay for electrical in bus garage when buses plugged in.  Undecided on how many games will be held up there at this time but Dev Corp could do the concessions as a fund raiser. 

  2. Opening of house bids:  None received.  Motion by Thyen, second by Fischer to advertise for sale to be moved the house and garage, to be bid together or separately, at the address of 106 Park Place Waverly, SD  57201 to be opened July 11, 2011 at the meeting beginning at 7:15 PM.  The school board reserves the right to reject any and all bids.  Motion carried.


Action Items:


  1.  Motion by Heuer, second by Buchholz to set July 11, 2011 at 7:00-7:15 in the science room of the Waverly school as the date and time for the budget hearing.  Motion carried.

  2.  Motion by Fischer, second by Thyen to approve contingency transfer of $2100 to Male activities services $1450 and male activities supplies of $650.  Motion carried.

  3. Motion by Buchholz, second by Heuer to advertise for bids on dairy, bread, and fuel.  Motion carried.

  4. Motion by Fischer, second by Thyen to approve the surplus list of books and equipment.  Motion carried.

  5. Motion by Heuer, second by Fischer to accept the retirement/resignation of W. West as head custodian.  Motion carried.

  6. Motion by Thyen, second by Buchholz to approve contract for S. Nunes as HS Social Science teacher, Head BB and JH FB.  Motion carried.

  7. Motion by Fischer, second by Buchholz to approve contract for B. Kirch as Head FB Coach.  Motion carried. 

  8.  Motion by Thyen, second by Heuer to approve contract for V. Olson as Title I teacher in Kranzburg.  Motion carried.  

  9. Motion by Fischer, second by Buchholz to approve contract for S. Strang as yearbook advisor.   Motion carried. 

  10. Motion by Heuer, second by Thyen to approve N. Lamb as Asst FB Coach.  Motion carried.

  11. Motion by Buchholz, second by Heuer to approve the contract for B. Guthmiller as Oral Interp advisor.  Motion carried.

  12. Motion by Fischer, second by Thyen to approve contract for A. Harrison as Asst Cook.  Motion carried.

  13. Motion by Heuer, second by Fischer to approve lane changes for J. Robbins, R. Palo, and S. Carpenter.  Motion carried. 

  14. Motion by Thyen, second by Heuer to authorize superintendent to submit consolidated title grant.  Motion carried.

  15. Motion by Fischer, second by Thyen to approve open enrollments for: Hintz-K, Ploof-2nd, Ploof-4th, Comes-2nd, Comes-3rd, Mack-7th, Ronke-11th, Ronke-9th, Ronke-8th, and Ronke-6th.  Motion carried. 

  16. Motion by Buchholz, second by Heuer to enter into executive session at 9:35 PM.

Declared out by D. Strang, chairman at 9:45 PM.

  1.  Motion by Fischer, second by Heuer to approve the contract for J. Bjorkman as Supt/Principal for the 2011-2012 school year.  Motion carried. 

  2. Resolution number 2011-03 carried unanimously.  Let it hereby be resolved by the school board of Waverly School District and City of South Shore, individually and jointly,  that district, upon Resolution approves the transfer of ownership by quit claim deed to the Town of South Shore, effective July 1, 2011, the following described real property:

Lots 15 through 28, Block 8, original plat of South Shore, City of South Shore, South Dakota, and Lots 1 through 14, Block 9, original plat of South Shore, City of South Shore, South Dakota.


Motion by Fischer, second by Heuer to adjourn the meeting at 10:00 PM.  Motion carried.  Next regular board meeting to be held on Monday July 11, 2011 at 7:15 P.M. in Waverly.  Budget Hearing set for July 11, 2011 at 7:00 P.M. in Waverly.      



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