December 13, 2010 Board Minutes

The Waverly/South Shore School Board met in regular session on December 13, 2010 at 6:37 p.m. in the science room of the Waverly school with the following members present: D. Strang, M Fischer (arrived at 6:42), A. Heuer, J. Buchholz, and D. Thyen.  Guests and others present: D. Jones, J. Meyer, T. Ronke, and M. Hemmingson-Business Manager. 


Motion by Heuer, second by Thyen to approve agenda.  Motion carried. 


Motion by Thyen, second by Buchholz to approve the minutes of the November meetings.  Motion carried.


Motion by Heuer, second by Buchholz to approve the financial report.  Motion carried.  Food Service Fund was discussed. 


Motion by Thyen, second by Heuer to approve the November bills and payroll.  Motion carried.


                                  General Fund      Capital Outlay     Special Ed.            Pension                  Food Service         Tr & Agency

Nov 1, 2010

Beginning Balance  $920,602.37   $226,621.52           $36,823.79           $58,006.47           $12,503.65           $17,246.40


Receipts:  Local       $200,660.66     $78,918.93           $60,056.98           $5,898.30              $5,556.00             $2,620.52

                  County                   $1,483.80          $0.00                                                                                                                     

                  State         $40,114.00       $0.00                   $3,576.00                                                $0.00                                       

                  Federal     $64,718.00        $27,759.74          $0.00                                                      $4,241.56

Expenditures            $152,200.58     $8,827.78             $26,449.03               $0.00                 $11,742.16            $2,769.42

Audit Adjustments                                                                                                                                                                            

Ending Balance       $1,075,379.25  $324,472.41        $74,007.74           $63,904.77           $10,559.05           $17,097.50

Nov 30, 2010


General Fund:  A&B Business-copier maint/692.01,  Allied 100-AED supplies/706.70, Alltel, cell/61.17, Best Business-copier maint/155.00, Codington Clark Electric-electricity/1776.99, Comfort Suites-hotels/232.15, Dependable Sanitation-garbage/220.45, DuPont Electric-gym lights/601.26, Eldridge Publishing-play royalty/35.00, J. Evjen-mileage/23.68, Follett-supp/89.10,  M Hemmingson-mileage/16.65, Hillyard-supplies/457.50, Hy-Vee-supp/86.65, Jaymar-W-2 supp/51.78, K&M Service-suburban service/327.63, B. Kirch-mileage/132.83, LAMD-3rd qtr/9377.50, Lake City Fire Equip-inspection/80.20, S. Luken-reimb for supp/10.58, S. Mack-reimb for supp/20.00, Mahowald-supplies/7.17, Menards-supplies/51.57, T. Nelson-mileage/88.80, NESC-assess/43.30-screenings/25.00, Oriental Trading-supp/80.96, Otter Tail Power-electricity/566.40, Petty Cash-reimb/68.85, Positive Promotions-supp/93.70, Quill-supplies/130.89, Qwest-phones/287.01, Read Naturally-supp/687.50,  Redlinger Bros-boiler repairs/1013.11, B. Reinhardt-accompianist/150.00, Riddell-supp/860.81, J. Robbins-mileage/18.50, Runnings-supp/109.91, Sioux Rural Water-water/152.95, Sioux Valley Coop-fuel/8075.99, South Shore Gazette-publishing/171.50, Star Laundry-laundry/121.14, S. Strang-reimb supp/46.20, Titan Machinery-bus service/2600.72, USPS-stamps/176.00, Visa-supp/176.88, Waverly Trust & Agency-reimb/1144.29, W. West-mileage/59.20, and Xerox-copier maint/20.22.  Total $32,183.40.


Capital Outlay:   Connecting Point-networking/57.50, Dacotah Bank-lease/52.68, Midwest Boiler Repair-SS boiler repair/3114.57, and Variety Foods-dishwasher lease/65.00.  Total-$3289.75.


Special Education: Abbott House-services/1144.92, M. Hemmingson-reimb supp/8.94, Human Services Agency-services/1190.40, NESC-assess/1623.05-center base/7092.62, and PCI Educational-supp/77.90.  Total-$11,137.83.


Food Service: CANS-food/68.72, CWD-food/1915.11, Dugan’s-used stove/150.00, Earthgrains-food/317.35, Hy-Vee-food/270.67, D. Southwick-reimb for food/62.72, Star Laundry-laundry/95.30, Variety Foods-food/1453.34, Visa-supp/14.18, and WSS Junior Class-food/46.39.   Total-$4,393.78.


Trust & Agency:  Hy-Vee-supp & food/69.48, LATI-Coyote Memorial Scholarships/500.00, Visa-supp/89.28, NE Prevention Center-workshop fee/20.00, Northwestern School-oral interp fees/157.60, Riddell-supp/335.69, SDASFAA-workshop fee/20.00, SDHSAA-oral interp fee/35.00, Waverly Gen Fund-band meals/210.00, and Waverly Gen Fund-Oral Interp meals/156.00.  Total $1,593.05.


Payroll: General: Elementary $34,619.47, Middle School $7761.48, Secondary $20,092.22, Driver’s Ed $0.00, Reap $1266.80, Title I $4024.52, Title I ARRA $0.00, Guidance $2,645.83, Improvement of Instruction $0.00, Board of Education $0.00, Superintendent $2933.33, Principal $2933.34, Title I Administration $0.00, Fiscal $5,570.91, Operations & Maintenance $5539.15, Pupil Transportation $5,720.80, Title I Private $214.17,  Early Retirement $0.00, Male Activities $133.33, Female Activities $133.34, and Co-curricular $2,123.11. General Fund Total $95,711.80.  Sped: $7,777.84.  Food Service: $4,476.80.


Buildings and Grounds report:  Discussed putting a booster on dishwasher as  they run out of hot water, window in the kitchen in Waverly will be put in over Christmas break, small leak in the SS gym, SS boiler problems and discussion on the Town of SS meeting regarding the building.


M. Fischer gave LAMD report.


D. Thyen gave NESC report.


D. Jones gave the transportation report.  Suburban needed a new water pump. 


D. Jones, J. Meyer, and M. Hemmingson gave administrative reports: D. Jones: Semester tests are Dec. 21 and 22, Jan 3rd is teacher in-service, registration will be conducted the 1st week in January, and 7 inducted into National Honor Society.  J. Meyer:  Behavior of students has been really good, basketball is starting, and first games are underway, and team academic awards from SDHSAA were awarded to the football, volleyball, cheerleading, and oral interp teams.  Congratulations!  M. Hemmingson:  preliminary audit report and policy manual needs to be updated and inquired about services from ASBSD but they are expensive.


Business Items:


  1.  Motion by Fischer, second by Heuer to accept the resolution number 2011-02.  Motion carried unanimously.


Let it be resolved, that the school board of the Waverly School District, in accordance with SDCL 13-11-3.2 and after duly considering the proposed supplemental budget, hereby approves and adopts the following supplemental budget in total:


                                                                                                General Fund



                1121-110 JH/Middle School Salaries              $91,892.00

                1121-211 JH/MS Social Security                     $5,698.00

                1121-212 JH/MS Medicare                               $1,333.00

                1121-220 JH/MS Retirement                            $5,514.00

                1121-230 JH/MS Health Ins                             $5,011.00

                1121-319 JH/MS Services                                 $500.00

                1121-419 JH/MS Supplies                                 $1,500.00


                                                Total                                      $111,448.00        



Means of Finance:

                Unobligated Cash                                                $111,448.00



                                                                                                Special Education Fund


                1221-319 Special Ed Services                           $25,000.00


Means of Finance:

                Unobligated Cash                                                                $25,000.00


  1.  Discussion of legislative issues:  Proposing to not allow bussing into another district for open enrollment students, cutting out small school factor for students who are open enrolled into your district, phasing out the small school factor, and consider raising the minimum number of students before state closure.


Motion by Buchholz, second by Thyen to enter into executive session for personnel and legal issues at 8:20 PM. 

Declared out by board chairman at 8:35 PM.


Motion by Fischer, second by Heuer to adjourn the meeting at 8:36 PM.  Motion carried.  Next regular board meeting to be held on Friday January 7th, 2010 at 6:30 P.M. in Waverly. 


_David Strang_____                                         Misty Hemmingson_____

BOARD CHAIRPERSON                                              BUSINESS MANAGER


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